What people are saying about the Zillo Pillow

Wow this product is hugely impressive. You should be proud. I suffer from a stiff neck and wearing Zillo has reduced my neck pain after 45 min of wearing it - Ginette

Used your neck pillow (Zillo) on the trip to Singapore and back worked a treat. Got lots of interested questions in particular from the airline staff. Found it also quite useful to use when using lap top and reading as it stopped the head dropping too far forward - Trevor

Zillo was awesome and made for the best sleep I’ve had on a plane life to date which is great news. - Seadon

Zillo is the most comfortable travel pillow ever and worked great as designed! - Catherine

Omg I totally love it and not once did I have any neck pain on any flight. It also acted as a pillow when I laid my head to the side against the seat. I worked out that I can carry it over the handle of my suitcase so easy to transport too - Heather

Zillo certainly did provide the necessary support in the right places, and I had no issues with sleeping while wearing it for 5-6 hours enroute - Alison

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Zillo is a unique and sophisticated travel pillow designed by an Osteopath for seated flight travel. Its combined neck and upper back support, anatomically contoured shape and soft outer cover provide superior support to effectively reduce neck pain whilst

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