How it Works

Supporting your upper back in an upright position reduces the strain on your head and neck.

Our upper back piece is curved, allowing it to sit between your shoulder blades. This improves your posture and enhances your upper back comfort.

It also reinforces neck stability. The upper back piece automatically stabilizes in the correct position, preventing your neck and head from tilting to the side. The contoured shape, which follows your jaw line, also helps.

Why is it different?

Zillo was developed by Andrew Bolton, an osteopath who specialises in musculoskeletal pain.

Andrew’s experience means Zillo is underpinned by biomechanic principles and aircraft seat ergonomics.

Its unique shape provides support for the neck and upper back, enhancing your posture to reduce neck pain whilst traveling.

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About the designer

Who is Andrew Bolton?

As an experienced osteopath, Andrew Bolton repeatedly sees patients with neck pain exacerbated by air travel. Zillo is his way of helping.

Before this, Andrew completed eight years of university education. He studied human biology, health science, biomechanics and osteopathy (at a masters level).

Since then, Andrew has published his research in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, and has become a consultant for global sports companies.