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Elevate Your Comfort

Your Perfect Companion for On-the-Go Comfort. Our compact and ergonomic travel pillow is designed to provide superior support, ensuring a restful journey. Lightweight, portable, and crafted for comfort, ZilloPillow Travel transforms any trip into a relaxing experience. Upgrade your travel comfort with ZilloPillow – wherever your adventures take you, we've got your comfort covered.

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  • Upper Back Support

    Zillo supports the space between your shoulder blades, reducing the stress on your neck.

  • Adjustable neck support

    This follows the angle of your jaw to maintain a neutral neck posture.

  • Contoured Shape

    Our ergonomic design follows the contours of your neck and shoulders.

About the designer Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton is an experienced osteopath who treats neck pain patients on a daily basis. He also enjoys product development and acts as a consultant to global sports companies.

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